Welcome to Galsound!

We are terribly sorry!
Galsound can't run on the stars with you.
We've seen the love for Gal, but we're tired. Sorry, we're out of Gal.
If you are a simple Gal enthusiast, after receiving the notice, you can choose to withdraw from the group according to your own situation.
The following treatment is announced:
[Galsound main site] -- not crowdfunded to buy things
1.Galsound Forum will disband its operation team at 21:30 on November 28 and close the registration portal at 21:30.Galsound will close the access portal after 21:30 on November 29.
2. For top-up users, we provide refund service. If you feel that your consumption in Galsound is not up to your expectations, please contact us at [email protected] [please contact by registered email], we will refund to your designated account within 3 years.
(We are not a profitable site, we have lost money so far, we may not be able to refund immediately, we need to work hard to make up the loss gap and then refund, if especially poor, you can note the urgent, we will give priority to deal with later.)
[Secondary Station Galsound]
Shut down processing at the same time
Galsound Operations team
November 28, 2022

Apply for a refund? (use your registered email only!) Mail us.
Need Galgame? Galx will provide more excellent galgame resources.

Thank you for using Galsound.Goodbye!